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Take a look at what I have coming up next.

Tim Sprocket likes to take things that don’t belong to him and put them straight into his pocket, until the day he is caught stealing by his eccentric aunt.

The things you’ll do on that far distant day… …when the dolls and tiaras are long packed away.

Cock-a-Doodle Rooster’s days of being big-headed and unkind to every animal on the farm are about to come to a chicken-noodle end when he learns that Farmer is going to pop him in his soup.

Lucy Clementine is a lazy girl who uses her huge orange hair to dodge chores by camouflaging herself against anything in her house that’s orange.

Tracy and Tom are very unruly children, but not half as unruly as the nanny who’s been hired to look after them for the weekend.

Watch out for these titles coming in 2022!

When Amber finds a magical ticket in the letterbox she whooshes and flashes and poofs across the universe and straight into the Furthest Fair from Anywhere.

Whenever Grace is asked to do things she doesn’t like—such as washing her dog or tidying up her toys—her face will twist, until she looks like a fairy-tale troll.

A fun follow-up story to the best-selling children’s book Bug Soup.

Piggle Pig steals Morgan mouse’s sandwich. As punishment, Piggle’s father takes him to the Naughty Zoo!

Once there was a line that had a wish... He wanted to roar like a dinosaur! Linosaur is the story about a line that discovers it can create whatever it wishes by twisting and reshaping itself.

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