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“A children’s author should only be as silly as their middle and last names.”

Vincent Adolphus Cleghorne (children’s author)


Children’s Author, Illustrator Vince spends his waking hours writing about animals that won’t be quiet, kids with huge hair and very smelly witches. He’s been a film director, cartoonist, BBC playwright and a screenwriter. He has an unshakable ‘Go for it’ attitude and once landed in LA with very little cash, a huge suitcase, an animated screenplay and all of his fingers crossed. His claims to fame include buying Gandalf a whisky and attending the same school as a Beatle. He has written award-winning screenplays and lots of children’s books. 

Vince is inspired by his son Kyle and his granddaughters Amber and Hollie, and lives in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter, with two very spoilt cats and a wealth of possibilities.

Vince’s Books Available Now on Amazon and in Book Shops and Stores!

Naughty Tim Sprocket
Tim Sprocket likes to take things that don’t belong to him and put them straight into his pocket, until the day he is caught stealing by his eccentric aunt.
Cock-A-Doodle Chicken Noodle
Cock-a-Doodle Rooster’s days of being big-headed and unkind to every animal on the farm are about to come to a chicken-noodle end when he learns that Farmer is going to pop him in his soup. 
Bug Soup 2
A fun follow-up story to the best-selling children’s book Bug Soup.
Bug Soup
Mrs. Hoop makes soup for all the animals at the zoo, but when she loses her ingredient list, she needs your help to feed all the animals the correct soup!  Children will absolutely adore the silly story, fun characters, and detailed descriptions of the various soups. More like a game than a regular old book, Bug Soup will make learning a blast for children of any age!  An interactive, silly, and joyful reading experience, Bug Soup is a favourite among thousands of families, and will surely earn a spot among the favourite books in your home, too.

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Mich and Moose Adventures
Mich and Moose love snowy mornings, but not everyone finds the snow fun. Their friend Spinner the Spider has been trying to build her web all morning, but it keeps slipping off the ice. Mich and Moose set off on an adventure to help Spinner find the ideal place for her web. Will it stick on a startled cat? Or on a fancy hat? Maybe a genie’s tum? But definitely not on a witch’s bum!

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I want to be a Dino-Kid!
Who wouldn’t want to be a Dino-kid? After all, Dino-kids get to stay up late and watch TV! They take a bath in the local swimming pool! They scare away ghosts with a single ROARRR! And they can leap all the way to the moon and back! …I want to be a Dino-kid!     I WANT TO BE A DINO-KID is a story that will appeal to parents and children who love to giggle as they read bedtime picture books. And after reading this book, I think every kid will want to be a Dino-kid.

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Hoo's There?
Is your child afraid of the things that go bump in the night?  This book can help get rid of these fears! Follow one exceptionally imaginative Owl, whose spooky ‘day’ is filled with unexpected sounds and noises. Every time she hears a noise, she tries to imagine what it could possibly be… only to find out that in reality, scary sounds aren’t really scary at all!  The ending will make even the most grumpy child laugh!

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Smiles: Say It With A Smile!
Where can you find the perfect smile?  Boost your child’s imagination and confidence by learning about different smiles, and why each and every smile is beautiful in its own way. Whether it’s a silvery smile with braces, a pirate smile with golden crowns, or a cute toddler’s smile with just one tooth, or a monkey’s smile hanging upside-down.  Perfect for early readers, this book features mischievous rhymes and charming illustrations that will make every child smile.

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Watch out for these titles coming in 2023 – 2024!

The Things You’ll Do!
The things you’ll do on that far distant day…                                            …when the dolls and tiaras are long packed away.  
Where’s Lucy Clementine?
Lucy Clementine is a lazy girl who uses her huge orange hair to dodge chores by camouflaging herself against anything in her house that’s orange. 
The Weekend Nanny
Tracy and Tom are very unruly children, but not half as unruly as the nanny who’s been hired to look after them for the weekend.
Once there was a line that had a wish… He wanted to roar like a dinosaur!

Linosaur is the story about a line that discovers it can create whatever it wishes by twisting and reshaping itself. 

The Furthest Fair From Anywhere
When Amber finds a magical ticket in the letterbox

she whooshes and flashes and poofs 

across the universe

and straight into the Furthest Fair from Anywhere.

The Naughty Zoo
Piggle Pig steals Morgan mouse’s sandwich. As punishment, Piggle’s father takes him to the Naughty Zoo!
Grace Grumpy Face
Whenever Grace is asked to do things she doesn’t like—such as washing her dog or tidying up her toys—her face will twist, until she looks like a fairy-tale troll. 

Coming Soon: The Furthest Fair from Anywhere

Coming Soon: Big Kid

About Vince Cleghorne


Vince received his education and background in writing, illustration and design in Liverpool, England. His first love is children’s writing. Novels, novellas, short stories, picture books; Vince has written and illustrated them all. Vince was inspired to write from the age of five, after his mum brought him an Edward Lear Nonsense Book. He said: “It introduced me to Lear’s hilarious limericks and his wonderful stories.

“My mum always encouraged my creativity and she inspired me as an artist too, because she was the best illustrator I’ve ever known. Later, it was my son Kyle that inspired my stories, and since then my granddaughters Amber and Hollie have inspired almost every picture book I write”. He added: “I’ve always been scribbling away, if only in my head. I’ve enjoyed drawing and creating characters all my life, and each one of those characters has a story. It was only when I started writing children’s books that those stories finally ended up on paper”. 

He wrote and illustrated his first picture book in 2012, A Crack in the Moon. 


Vince has an extensive design record undertaking commissions from companies such as Sony, Tate Gallery, and Uni-Lever. His local work includes running creative workshops for youth organisations, schools, libraries and community groups. Vince’s illustrations and characters have been quoted as being “A step beyond Disney” Gail Stolze – DreamWorks SKG, “An obvious success” HRH The Prince of Wales, “Unique and Enchanting” Richard Branson.

Vince has written and illustrated many children’s books, but he has also been blessed with having some of the world’s finest illustrators work on his books, including:

Andrew Besarab,
Ramon Pla,
Lena Bardy,
Tel Coelho,
Andi Tryanta,
Dainius Šukys,
Len Smith.


Vince has been a teacher to all ages from kindergarten to college. His strengths are in teaching special needs children and excluded children. Vince was an art teacher at Redbridge (special needs high school) for four years, and a creative arts teacher at Everton Free School and Sports Academy for ten years.


As a screenwriter/playwright Vince has received many awards. He has written a number of screenplays that have been optioned by Raw Talent Films, MTV, and Walk the Line producer James Keach. He has also penned plays for the BBC, and written/directed a feature film starring French actress Morjana Alaoui.


Vince is often asked by the media about his next up coming projects. Take a look at these recent articles:

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Coming Soon: The Furthest Fair from Anywhere

Coming Soon: The Weekend Nanny

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